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Titulus of Pyramus, the cubicularius Lucius Vitellius the elder
See also Titulus (Roman Catholic) for Roman churches called tituli,
or titulus (disambiguation) for more meanings.

Titulus (Latin "title") describes the conventional inscriptions on stone that listed the honours of an individual [1] or that identified boundaries in the Roman Empire.

[edit] Examples of tituli

  • In the context of the Crucifixion, the titulus INRI was affixed to the cross. See INRI and Titulus Crucis.
  • At the recovery of the coffin of King Arthur at Glastonbury Abbey, at an opportune moment after a devastating fire in the twelfth century, a lead cross of Arthur was alleged to have born the explicit titulus HIC JACET SEPULTUS INCLITUS REX ARTHURUS IN INSULA AVALONIA. The well-publicized discovery described by Giraldus Cambrensis, redoubled the pilgrimages to the Abbey.

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Titulus (inscription)

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